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Why Nexigen

We’ve learned that people do business with people they like and trust. When looking for an IT Services/Support Provider, that need for trust is of even greater importance.  We’ve built Nexigen on the premise of earning and daily “re-earning” our customers trust.

Nexigen was founded on the principle that customers come first and premium support can be had by all.  We don’t want to be an impersonal call center supporting an enterprise.  We would rather be a relationship driven, extremely personal support company, ensuring that we know our customers’ business needs and are acting to support them in the best manner possible!  Knowing your business intimately is paramount in offering you the best support possible.

Our engineers know the technology landscape of the future.  They will guide you forward and ensure you are leveraging your dollars for the most value possible and that you are making sound investments in your business technology systems.  We are constantly trying to find the best value for you when procuring technology systems or services.  We question ourselves constantly on how we can make our customers’ technology systems more efficient, operationally faster with tighter integration and increased reliability, rendering greater availability for your data and enhanced security!

Nexigen has been in business since 2003, steadily garnering an impressive market share in Cincinnati through word of mouth referrals thanks to outstanding service.  Regardless of your business sector or specific technical needs, Nexigen has the know-how to help you succeed in today’s marketplace.  Company founders John J. Schaffer and Jon D. Salisbury put forth their names and reputations with the assurance that Nexigen will give you the best service and support in the greater Cincinnati area!  Please don’t take our word for it.  You have but to ask our many satisfied customers!

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